Return to top Tiny Toddler Sasses Her Grandma For Picking Out The Wrong Shoes, She’s So Cute You Can’t Be Mad

Tiny Toddler Sasses Her Grandma For Picking Out The Wrong Shoes, She’s So Cute You Can’t Be Mad

By - 22nd November 2018

I’m sure most of us out here take the little things in life for granted. When you think of the average child, I’m sure you picture a giddy personality and a lot of running around playing games. However, not every child gets to enjoy those little luxuries in life.

2-year-old Livi Grace was born with the rare osteogenesis imperfecta – also known as brittle bone disease. Because of this, they have to be very careful about the things they can do.

Though her condition is hard to live with, her osteogenesis imperfecta hasn’t stopped her from having fun and wearing a huge smile on her face.

Livi has “undergone three major surgeries in her short life but always amazes [her family] with her resilience and spunk.” Just by watching her videos, you can see how charismatic and fun-loving this little girl truly is.

Each one of Livi’s videos is truly special and it’s not hard to see why they’ve got thousands of views each. But there’s one video in particular that really made us smile.

Livi is sat in a shopping cart and she starts sassing her grandma.

Livi and her grandma are shoe shopping in their local store. In the video, we can see her grandma attempt to put some little shoes on Livi’s feet but she pulls her foot away and glares at her. They clearly aren’t the shoes that Livi wants…

When grandma jokingly tells her off and points at her, Livi starts sassing her grandma back by pointing and mimicking her. Sure, she’s only young, but she knows how to give some diva attitude. The best part is that Livi can’t speak yet. Son Livi is confidently sassing her grandma in a language all of her own.

Livi’s mom decided to share the adorable video on YouTube. “Meet Livi Grace!”

We like to think God blessed her with a lot of sass to make up for what she lacks physically.

This little girl is all too adorable.

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