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Kid Steals Mom’s Phone To Record Music Video, When Mom Finds It, She Cries Laughing

By - 30th August 2018

Kids are known for getting up to all sorts of mischief. Some things are utterly hilarious, others are downright baffling and some are so awesome that we’re glad they got caught on camera!

Kristie Davis was going about her day when she noticed something on her mobile phone. She usually lets her son play with her mobile phone from time to time when he’s bored.

Don’t panic, he’s not been piling up a huge bill for instore purchases or going on any illegal websites. In fact, it’s much sweeter and funnier than any of that.

She noticed that her son had recorded a little song he decided to write, much to Kristie’s surprise.

My son sneaks my phone in his room to make a video….mmmph…..I question my parenthood sometimes.

This little boy sang a secret song on his mom’s phone and now it’s a viral smash

It turns out that Kristie’s son had snuck his way into her room to get her phone and record his own version of Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song with his own lyrics about his school dramas.

We hope Bruno Mars has watched this budding young songwriter’s song – we think there could be a big collaboration in the mix. Either that or we get this kid on Ellen!

So far, Kristie’s son’s soulful performance about getting dumped and winning back a girlfriend has been watched over 1.2 million times on Facebook. With lyrics like “She kissed me on my lips, I told her not to do it but she liked me. She couldn’t stop doing it, she so proud of me” – it’s hard not to laugh along with this future star.

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