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Little Girl Spots Man She Thinks Is Santa, But Mom Can’t Stop Laughing When He Starts To Play Along

By - 22nd December 2017

It’s true that the magic of Christmas is lived through the eyes of children and this video proves that point. When a little girl noticed a man with a large white beard, in a red sweater, walk past her in the store she froze in wonderment. Could it really be Santa? 

3-year-old Sophie Jo Riley was walking around the grocery store with her father and older sister when she suddenly saw someone who looked very familiar. Pressing her back up against the toy shelves and shushing her sister, she couldn’t believe her eyes as she spied ‘Santa Claus’ across the store.

She was just sneaking around the aisle, had her back against the toys. We were behind her, and she’d put her finger up to her lips and go ‘Shh! It’s Santa!’

The man, who is actually called Roger Larck (not Santa), was going about his shopping in the Walmart of Hurricane, West Virginia, when Sophie Jo finally pulled herself together and approached him to introduce herself.

“Santa?” little Sophie meekly asked.

Seeing the wonder in the toddler’s eyes, Roger didn’t want to crush her dreams so he got down on one knee and spoke to the little girl with a crisp reply, “I’ve been called worse.”

What passes between the pair is a sweet exchange where Roger keeps up the pretence as the jolly man in red and answers Sophie’s questions. She even shows off her nails to him and informs him that they will be leaving out cookies for him to eat. Although she does mention that he’s only allowed to have one of them; the rest are for the reindeer.

Sophie’s sister caught the exchange on her mobile phone for all of us to enjoy. The video reminds us of the true magic of Christmas. Who knows, maybe this gentleman was the actual Santa Claus? He could have just been in disguise…

Watch the video for yourself to see the adorable conversation between the pair. It truly is heartwarming to see. If you loved this video, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and share with your friends. ?