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Daddy Forgets To Hug & Kiss Daughter Goodbye, Her Hilarious Meltdown Is Too Adorable

By - 28th June 2018

As a child, your parents are the most important people in your life. A mum and dad’s love for their kids is unconditional and in return, their children love them back.

Every family has their traditions and rituals, but what would happen if one of these rituals were broken? It would shatter the very existence of that child! Everything they’ve ever learnt and believed then has crumbled before their very eyes. For one little girl, she was about to experience this first-hand.

Every morning before her father leaves for work, he gives her a kiss and a cuddle before he walks out of the door.

But one day, he was running late and he forgot!

Her father had broken protocol, it’s no big deal – or at least that’s what you’d assume. This little girl was not pleased with her dad’s neglectful actions.

The little girl’s mom uploaded the video of her daughter’s world’s saddest moment with the caption “My daughter’s overreaction to her daddy forgetting to give her a hug and a kiss before he left the house to go on a walk. She tugs at the heart-strings.”

hug and a kiss

In the video, you can hear her mother ask why she’s crying.

“Because Daddy forgot a hug and kiss when he go’d…”

Throughout the video, you can see how gutted the little girl is to have not received her morning kiss and cuddle from her dad. Her mom continued to try and make her feel better and reassure her that he will hug her when he gets home.

“But you give people a hug and a kiss when they go bye-byes.”

Through the snifflings of disappointment, we can see the humour in this little girl. She’s not spoilt, she just doesn’t want to feel like her dad stopped loving her.

I’m sure her father won’t hear the end of this, especially now the video has gone viral online. But no doubt he will have made it up to her. Let’s just hope he doesn’t make that mistake again!

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