Return to top Little Girl Doesn’t Love Herself Because She Has No Hair, But Dad’s Genius Plan Left Mom In Tears

Little Girl Doesn’t Love Herself Because She Has No Hair, But Dad’s Genius Plan Left Mom In Tears

By - 12th January 2018

Most little girls love having long, flowing hair. After all, the amount of fun you can have practicing braids and putting other fun styles in your hair is a big part of childhood. But for this little girl, it isn’t possible. 

Little Riley has alopecia, a condition where the immune system attacks the hair follicles of the body. Riley was born with a full head of hair but by the age of 15 months old, her hair had begun falling out in clumps, eventually leaving her completely bald.

Her parents, Chelsea and Dave, have always strived to raise Riley to be confident in who she is, but self consciousness can often get in the way.

After a gymnastics competition at 6-years-old, Riley and her mother Chelsea were discussing the importance of loving yourself.

I was joking around with Riley and telling her everyone I love: ‘I love Riley, I love Gavin, I love Grayson’, etc. Riley then looked at me and went, ‘Do you love yourself?’ I immediately said, ‘Of course I do, you always have to love yourself! Do you love yourself?’ Riley responded very softly, ‘No.’

Riley said that she didn’t love herself because she didn’t have hair; Chelsea’s worst fear. Chelsea was taken back by her daughter’s sad response, so she informed her husband, Dave, about what she had told her. Determined to make his daughter feel better, he cuddled up with her to talk about how she was feeling.

Dave wanted to reassure Riley how much they loved her and how it didn’t make her any different from anyone else, just because she didn’t have a full head of hair on her head.

You’re the most special girl in the whole world. It doesn’t matter if you’re bald or have hair. That doesn’t make a difference.

Then, out of nowhere, Dave had a plan. “Do you want daddy to shave his head?”

In an act of solidarity, daddy Dave heads to the bathroom where he takes a razor to his head. By the time he is done, he and Riley match and the bond between them grows ever stronger. What an amazing dad!

Chelsea had recorded the whole thing, hoping to remember the intimate moment with her family. But when she posted it to social media to raise awareness of alopecia, the video ended up getting more support than she could have imagined with over 200,000 people reacting to the emotional video.

Watch it for yourself to see the amazing example that Dave sets his daughter, proving to her that she is loved beyond measure and she should love herself the same.

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