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Are You A “Weirdo” Who Picks Up Litter If It’s Lying About?

By - 14th August 2019
litter beach

Litter is the worst. It’s messy, it looks horrible, it’s dangerous for animals and bad for the environment! So then, why are people labelled “weirdos” if they pick it up? We’re just trying to help! In an ideal world, nobody would drop litter in the first place, but that isn’t the world we live in.

Bins are everywhere, as are recycling centers and specific bins for your aluminium, glass, paper, you name it. So there’s no excuse for littering. Plus, most bins have ashtrays on top, so no leaving your cigarette butt on the floor either. The worst is when you’re in nature. Particularly on a hiking trail or at the beach, where it could affect thousands of wild animals.

litter beach

There are always bins for recycling and general waste in these areas, and yet few pay attention to them. However, Andrew Mayer wrote about teaching his daughter the right thing in The Guardian.

“…when at the end of the day we had to navigate between piles of detritus left by other holidaymakers,” he explained, “I had an epiphany: tut-tutting achieves nothing. Indeed, seeing a problem that you can fix and shrinking from doing so ranks you with the evildoers.

So I said to my daughter: these wild places give so much to us, let’s give something back – only in this case, giving means taking something away. Ten minutes later we had a boot full of rubbish, and half an hour later we had got rid of it all at a recycling centre. Not much effort to make a contribution to the most important battle on the planet: to save it.”

There are also Instagram challenges such as the #litterati and #take3forthesea which aim to reduce litter on the streets and beaches. These things will help animals thrive, and keep our beautiful natural areas looking beautiful.

Do you pick up litter if you see it? Let us know in the comments, and share with your family and friends.