Return to top Police Officer And K9 Partner Lip Sync To ‘I Can Only Imagine’, And It’s The Best Rendition Yet

Police Officer And K9 Partner Lip Sync To ‘I Can Only Imagine’, And It’s The Best Rendition Yet

By - 27th July 2018

If there’s one thing we do really enjoy seeing on the internet, it’s a lip-syncing cop. We’ve seen them sing, we’ve seen them dance and we’ve seen them play with children.

Departments all across America have been taking on the challenge to see which department comes out on top. We’ve seen a lot of talent and a lot of very funny videos. It goes to show that cops do so much good in our communities.

But one police officer has taken his lip-sync to a much more spiritual level. Chief Hepler and his K9, Fox, from the Hollywood, Alabama Police Department have decided to lip-sync to the well known MercyMe song, ‘I Can Only Imagine‘.

This lip-syncing cop is getting spiritual with his performance

Together, the police officer and his dog give a passionate performance of the powerful song. Hepler is the first lip-syncing cop to do a faith-based song as part of the epic police battle.

Most of the battles are very elaborate, with lots of choreography, a ton of officers and great energy. But Hepler has really stripped it back and done a lip-sync performance that shows his relationship with God.

He gets on his knees and raises his hands to the heavens above. His faith clearly means a lot to him which is why his lip-sync is so powerful.

‘I Can Only Imagine’ is a song that resonates with a lot of people. So it’s no wonder this lip-sync has been going viral.

Chief Hepler and Fox the K9 definitely give a unique lip-syncing cop performance that is quite unlike any others we’ve seen so far. Bravo for your uniqueness.

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