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Lion, Tiger And Bear Cubs Rescued Together From Basement, 15 Years On And They’re Still Inseparable

By - 13th July 2018

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” I’m sure you all know the famous quote from The Wizard Of Oz, it’s somewhat iconic. Now, most folks would be terrified if they came face to face with these three ferocious creatures – but we’re going to change your opinions.

At an animal shelter in Georgia, this trio has become quite the best of friends in this unlikely friendship. No, we’re deadly serious, they all live together and love snuggling up and bonding.

Baloo is an American black bear, Leo is an African lion and Shere Khan is a Bengal tiger. They were all rescued by Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary when they were less than one year old.

Who would have thought that lions and tigers and bears could live together in perfect harmony?

The animals were found by the police in a basement of an Atlanta home during a drugs raid back in 2001. They never expected to find lions and tigers and bears in the basement.

Leo was confined to a tiny cage and he had an infected, open wound on his nose. But of the three animal cubs, Baloo was in the worst condition.

Baloo was trapped in a severely ingrown harness which was digging into his flesh because the owner never loosened it as he grew up.

It had become so ingrown that Baloo’s flesh had begun to grow around the harness. Surgical intervention was required to remove the harness and to clean the deep, infected wounds he had accumulated.

The three cubs were all completely malnourished and were covered in many external and internal parasites. This was no way for animals to be treated.

But together they felt safe, in fact, the only time they were separated was when Baloo had surgery to remove the harness. Leo and Shere Khan were so restless and stressed during the short period of time where they had been split up that they wouldn’t eat.

Once they were reunited, they never wanted to part ways again. Thankfully, they’ve been living happily in their sanctuary together ever since. The Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary deemed the animals far too injured and mistreated to be able to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

The trio now spends most of their days cuddling, eating and sleeping – and of course, playing together.

What an adorable story of an unlikely friendship. What do you think of these unusual friends? At Happiest we love hearing all of your all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?