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Family Casually Belt Out ‘Les Mis’ Classic And Become Internet Sensation

By - 9th April 2018

When most families get together to celebrate Easter, they may play board games, watch a movie or catch up over some drinks. Or if you’re like the LeBaron family, you put on a Broadway extravaganza in your living room. 

Dennise and Gerald LeBaron, along with their five children and their partners, line up along the back of the sofa as if it’s just a regular Sunday evening. But as they sing a rendition of the Act One closer of Les Miserables, ‘One Day More’, they have no idea just how much of a viral sensation they will become.

Whenever the LeBaron family get together, they like to sing songs from Broadway shows, and amazingly, every single family member has a killer singing voice!

The LeBaron family have always loved singing, ever since Dennise and Gerald discovered their 2-year-old daughter Holli could sing exceptionally well for her age. Ever since that moment, as their family grew, so did the family’s musical experiences; singing at church and at local events.

Even as the family grew up and the kids started having children of their own, the family has always connected over music. Using it as a coping mechanism, with the sudden death of Holli in 2002 and Landon’s autism diagnosis, it has helped them to pull through their struggles together as a family.

Brother Jordon LeBaron uploaded the video to Facebook, along with the family cast list, and to this date the video has reached over 8 million views. (Jordon plays the part of Marius and his wife plays Cosette, respectively.)

We are getting inundated with comments from around the world from people who are inspired to do the same thing with their families. All of the attention is not something we are used to, but we are enjoying the love that is being shared as a result of our post.

My favourite part has to be when Karina LeBaron sings angelically as Eponine whilst holding a writhing toddler in her arms. Well, I guess even the Broadway stars have to balance their performance schedule around their kids…

Watch the incredible video below to see the LeBaron family’s Broadway-worthy performance. Who knows, maybe one day somebody will put on a production of Les Miserables and cast this whole family in the leads. Now that would be a great show!

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