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Mom Asks Husky If He Wants To Go For A Walk, His Hilarious Response Has Everyone Cracking Up

By - 2nd August 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand that sometimes we just want to be completely lazy. Getting up off the couch seems like a chore and you have zero intentions of going to the gym. Well, it’s not just humans that have these thoughts. It turns out that there’s a very lazy dog who feels the same way as us.

We know that we need to get off the couch a little more, but when you’ve got yourself a lazy dog who doesn’t motivate you to go for a walk, life can be a little tough. Especially when your lazy dog is the worst offender for procrastination!

I’m sure at some point in our lives, we’ve all said: “I’ll start on Monday”. Well, this dog looks like he doesn’t plan on doing anything ever!

This lazy dog has no intention of getting off the couch any time soon

For the majority of our canine companions, even overhearing the word ‘walkies’ will send them into overdrive! But for this stubborn husky, he honestly doesn’t care. His human mom jingled the leash and told him they were going for a walk, only for him to howl over her in disagreement.

lazy dog

Zeus the husky has zero interest in getting his behind off of the couch. He’s comfy, he’s content, he’s a lazy dog!

Every time his human mom tries to encourage him to go for a walk with her, Zeus cuts her off mid-sentence with some epic howls. We’ve never heard a dog get into such a heated argument with a human before. You can really sense the disagreement in his voice, he just wants to watch TV and relax.

Huskies are known for throwing big tantrums and Zeus is no exception. He’s a vocal dog and he just wants his mom to know what he wants to do. That’s why he started talking back to her.

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