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This Kitty Is Going Viral For Her Squirrel-Like Tail.

By - 1st August 2017

There certainly is much brimful of horrors happening in the world at the moment. Negativity fills most people’s newsfeed and overall the daily slog isn’t quite kicking the funk quite like we need it to… Thankfully, we have found a level of adorableness too high for the scale that it may well brighten your day.

Granted, it’s a short video, but thanks to the power of the internet, you can watch it over and over again (like we did) in order to kick aside our blues.

The cat in question goes by the name of Bell. Now, Bell isn’t an every day ‘pretty kitty’, Bell has a unique feature that is taking the world by storm.

Her tail does not look like your average feline friend. In fact, her tail resembles that of a squirrel and boy oh boy is it something special!

Her tail is so fluffy and full of vibrancy that it looks bigger than the rest of her body. She looks like a mythical being, created only with perfection in mind.

Bell is a very special breed of cat which contributes to her rather distinct appearance. She is a Napoleon (also known as a Minuet) and these cats are known for their shorter legs, round faces and fluffy tails.

The International Cat Association (which is also known as TICA) has only recently begun to realise Bell’s breed as an official one and we can’t believe it’s taken them this long to do so. According to TICA, this breed is well known for its affectionate nature. They’re considered people oriented creatures who are very gentle.

In the adorable video, you can see Bell pining for attention in the most precious way. But fear not… This fabulous feline isn’t limited to short online clips.

Bell has her very own Instagram account and has already racked up over 81,000 followers. We couldn’t recommend enough that you should check her out. This gorgeous creature is definitely the Linda Evangelista of the cat world.


Have you ever seen a tail as bushy as this? Let us know in the comments.

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