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Kirk The Border Collie Can’t Contain Her Excitement Watching Herself Win The Agility Championship

By - 24th August 2018

Channah Frosty is a very lucky person. Channah has an adorable four-year-old border collie called Kirk. Kirk the border collie is an incredibly agile, well-trained pup that is a champion in their own right.

In 2017, Kirk won the 2017 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge champion. But surely she won’t remember winning such a prestigious award? You’d be wrong – Kirk loves watching replays of her glorious victory every now and then.

Kirk nailed the St. Louis small dog course in an incredible 33.69 seconds to claim last year’s title. She certainly put 100% into her incredible performance, but we do think that most of her commitment to winning was so she could rewatch the victory back over the years.

Below is the video of Kirk the border collie smashing her way through the agility course in record time

Border collies were originally bred in the United Kingdom to herd sheep. This is why they are naturally agile and active creatures. Naturally, agility courses are the next active sport for sheepdogs who need the thrill of a competition.

Kirk the border collie is part of a long history of sheepdogs who go into competitive agility courses. Her breed has a high intelligence and an elite obedience that makes them excellent learners. Combine this with their impressive agility and you’ve got a champion on your hands!

If you watched the video above, you’ll have seen how impressive Kirk’s agility run was. But what’s more impressive and adorable is Kirk’s reaction to her own performance.

You can see Kirk hopping up and down in front of the TV like a kangaroo. This is sheer happiness and joy in a nutshell.

Don’t forget to watch Kirk the border collie react to her agility course win in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?