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Orphaned Baby Giraffe Is Depressed After Being Rescued, Until He Meets The Most Unlikely Friend

By - 5th September 2018

A young baby named Kiko the giraffe was found wandering alone in the Meru National Park in Kenya. People traveling through the park spotted the baby giraffe. Those who spotted the creature knew the newborn animal was in need of immediate aid if he was to have a chance of survival.

After coordinating with the Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit, a rescue team from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) was sent to get him from the park and take him to the Nairobi Nursery.

A rescue team from Nairobi Nursery were immediately sent over to help the lonely baby giraffe. The giraffe was immediately fed and given the care he needed for survival.

Kiko the giraffe

They kept Kiko in the elephant stockades as he was too small to sleep in the giraffe stockade which houses much larger giraffes.

You can watch Kiko the giraffe’s rescue here:

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Kiko the giraffe loves his keepers and he’s made some incredible friends with the other animals

It turns out that Kiko the giraffe has become best friends with two elephant calves, Weiwei and Loboito.

Much like Kiko, these creatures were also orphaned which is why they’ve arrived at DSWT.

The elephants love hiding under Kiko’s belly and resting their trunks on his neck. Loboito is just 3 weeks old and he’s grown quite attached to Kiko. In fact, Loboito follows Kiko wherever he goes.

These animals would not have survived alone in the wilderness without the help of the keepers at the park and the work from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Furthermore, the animals now have an excellent quality of life full of happiness and friendships.

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