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Missouri Kids Comfort Anxious Shelter Dogs By Reading Them Bedtime Stories Each Night

By - 16th July 2018

There’s nothing more precious than seeing a strong bond between a child and an animal, more specifically when kids bond with dogs. Kids have so much love to share when they spend time together with the animals. But there’s something new happening that is just too cute. Now there’s a program that lets kids read to dogs.

That’s right, kids can now go and read to dogs to help improve their verbal and social communication skills! Isn’t that the cutest thing imaginable?!

Kids read to dogs

The ‘Shelter Buddies’ program in Missouri wants to aid children in improving their reading abilities as well as their social skills by reading to dogs in the shelter.

The dogs love the attention and they’re fascinated by seeing young children reading to them so it’s a great way to help young kids develop their reading skills if they’re uncomfortable and/or shy around other humans.

The Shelter Buddies program helps kids practice reading to gain confidence. But it’s not just the children that benefit, the program also drastically reduces anxiety in the dogs in the shelter.

The Missouri Humane Society hopes that the program will teach dogs how to comfortably socialize with humans. It’s a win-win for everybody involved!

Dogs get to spend some social time bonding with humans and the kids develop their literacy skills as well as building an empathy and love for the dogs at a young age.

This experience between human and animal will help create a loving bond. The dogs will hopefully be adopted as they’ve learned to adapt and enjoy human interaction.

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