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KFC Announces A Scented Candle That Smells Like Gravy

By - 22nd June 2019
kfc gravy candle

The Colonel has produced many great things in his lifetime. But he will be remembered for one alone. His chicken. Of course, I’m talking about Colonel Sanders of KFC fame. His magical mix of 11 herbs and spices has a magical effect on chicken. Whatever your favorite piece or meal is, we can all agree that it is divine.

However, what do you need to go with all that chicken? Chips, yes. But what about something liquid. A sauce? No, that wouldn’t work. Beans? Who seriously gets beans at KFC? We’re here to talk about gravy. KFC gravy is another creation that nobody else can reproduce. Yes, your mom probably tries when she does a roast dinner, but you always end up asking if she can just grab a pot from the Colonel instead. Or is that just me?

kfc gravy candle

KFC gravy is legendary in status. It is so thick and so tasty. And the smell just makes you salivate. As you walk into your local joint, the glorious spicy smells hit you full on. But underneath it all, there is the gorgeous gravy scent. But now you can get that smell wafting through your own home!

KFC’s gravy scented candle is now on sale. It is at the cheaper end of their merchandise if you remember the Zinger carved from a meteorite for $20,000. Unfortunately, the candle is only available in the UK, and there is a very limited quantity. Your best bet now is probably eBay. However, if you want that gravy smell floating through your home, making you intensely hungry and your dogs go crazy, it is now possible.

kfc gravy candle

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