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Dad And Daughter Hit Record And Sing Adorable ‘Home’ Cover, 30 Million People Are In Love

By - 29th June 2018

At Happiest, we love a good father-daughter duo. That’s probably no surprise to you. We’ve written a huge amount of articles dedicated to the special bonds and hobbies shared between fathers and their kids. Jorge and Alexa make the perfect pair.

Jorge and Alexa

Jorge Narvaez and his daughter Alexa Narvaez are quite the lovable pair of singers. Despite having a 20+ year age gap, the father and daughter duo make a great team.

Jorge is a professional singer and guitarist. Naturally, some of his musical genes rubbed off on his little girl and now she loves singing alongside her father. Jorge always wanted to share his musical passions with his family and now he’s got his very own singing partner.

Jorge and Alexa love duetting so he decided to teach his daughter the lyrics to “Home” by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. They recorded themselves singing and uploaded it to YouTube.

Jorge and Alexa never expected to get the reaction they did from their video

The video went viral and it’s been watched nearly 31 million times! It’s definitely the most heartwarming version of the song you’ll ever find.

Little Alexa has no fear of singing alongside her dad as she belts out the lyrics with such confidence. Clearly, singing is a passion for her and it looks like she’ll be following in daddy’s footsteps in no time at all.

Let’s just hope that the good times keep rolling in for Jorge and Alexa. They’re certainly a duo we’d love to see do more and more uplifting covers of songs.

Do you ever sing with your kids/parents? Send us your videos in the comments.

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