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Corgi Starts Surfing As Therapy To Recover From Horrendous Attack, Now Look At Him Go

By - 6th August 2018

If you needed something to put a smile on your face today, look no further. Meet Jojo the surfing corgi. 

I know what you’re thinking: ‘I can barely sit on a surfboard without falling off so how can a dog ride the waves with ease?’ Well, Jojo may have a bit of an extra advantage as he has four legs to keep him stable, but the clever pooch has also had plenty of practice to perfect his skills.

But Jojo didn’t pick up surfing just for fun, he actually developed his talent as a form of therapy.

Three years ago, eight-year-old Jojo and his owner, Josephine Zosa, were out walking when they were viciously attacked. Two dogs attacked the pair and Jojo barely made it out alive. Josephine’s hand was attacked, but Jojo suffered severe injuries.

Jojo was rushed to the emergency vet and underwent lots of rehab to regain his strength again. Which involved hydrotherapy…

When my husband came home from deployment, he took Jojo out to the beach and did therapy there. [For] Jojo surfing is therapy and it had helped him to be healthy again. He got his strength and mobility back.

Poor Jojo was traumatized after the horrific attack that nearly cost him his life. But thankfully he has found peace out in the water. He has even got so good at surfing, thanks to his hydrotherapy, that he competes in contests. He recently won at the Purina challenge dog competition and came in third place at Huntington surf dog competition in 2016.

As if being a pro-surfer wasn’t enough for Jojo, he is also a therapy dog. He was clearly inspired by his own troubled past and wanted to help other people going through a hard time.

He volunteers for the military, Scripps Memorial hospital, rehabs and elderly homes. He also goes to the city library where the kids read books to him.

Jojo is the perfect definition of a ‘good boy’.

Jojo the surfing corgi‘s reign doesn’t end there though. He is due to compete at Del Mar dog beach in September at another surfing competition. We have no doubt in our minds that he will smash it!

Watch the video below to see adorable Jojo the surfing corgi in action.

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