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94-Year-Old Jimmy Carter Back To Building Charity Homes Just Months After Surgery

By - 12th September 2019
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Sometimes people make you so proud. Think of someone who you’re proud of right now. I’ll bet it’s because of their kindness, how they help others, their selfless actions. These are the things that truly make people great. And former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is certainly doing everything to help others, even at 94 years old.

Jimmy Carter has been building homes in conjunction with charity Habitat for Humanity for nearly forty years now. They focus on building and repairing homes for those in need. However, this is even more impressive when you think about President Carter’s fall the other week.

jimmy carter charity

He recently took a nasty tumble at his home in Georgia and needed imminent surgery. After a lengthy operation to replace his hip, doctors told him to relax and recover. Most 94-year-olds would have taken that advice, but not Jimmy Carter.

He and his wife Rosalynn Carter will be back to their charity building work soon, confirmed Habitat for Humanity. “There have been many times when people have tried to count President Carter out,” said spokesman Bryan Thomas. “And they have never been right. We are excited that they will both [be] back.”

jimmy carter charity

Next month he will join the charity as they embark on a project to build homes in Nashville, Tennessee. So far, the couple has built 4,300 houses in 14 different countries. They’ve also worked with an incredible 103,000 volunteers since they started in 1984.

Mayor of Nashville David Briley announced a $750 million fund to build 10,000 homes for the city’s poorest. This project will be a part of this restructuring. Many people in the city can’t afford homes because of skyrocketing rents.

jimmy carter charity

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