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Shelter Says Depressed Dog Is Unadoptable, So Couple Drive 6 Hours To Prove Them Wrong

By - 4th September 2018

When Jessica Williams and her boyfriend, Jared, moved into their pet-friendly apartment, they knew they had to take advantage of the opportunity.

She couldn’t wait long enough for the few months until her birthday, she wanted a new pup right away! And when she spotted one of the saddest looking puppies in the world, she knew she had to rescue him immediately.

Benji was a stray dog who was picked up in Los Angeles and taken to a shelter in the city. Benji had a flea allergy which caused him to lose most of his fur. Sadly, Benji was very timid and he was incredibly nervous about everything around him.

This little pup was not coping with shelter life all that well. Benji had been there for 10 days and would snarl at anybody who walked by him. But Jessica Williams knew she couldn’t leave the tiny pup there.

So Jessica Williams and Jared decided to make a 6-hour drive from their home in Sacramento to Los Angeles to rescue the pup

When they arrived at the shelter, Jessica told staff she was specifically interested in adopting Benji. The staff knew that Benji needed a lot of care and training. In fact, the shelter even tried to deter the couple from taking the problematic dog. But they were having none of it.

The shelter also told us he wasn’t friendly and refused to take us into a calm waiting area to get to know him because ‘he wouldn’t be a dog that would come over to us to be cuddly.’ We knew that he had a high possibility of being euthanized and didn’t want him to die.

As soon as Jessica met Benji, it solidified her decision to adopt him. They signed the papers there and then and got themselves prepped for their journey home.

As you would expect, Benji was incredibly nervous on the journey home and that continued at home. He isolated himself and didn’t want to bond. That is until something amazing happened.

As if by magic, Benji realized that he was in a safe and loving home. He started to bond with Jared and Jessica Williams and his sad face turned into an unbelievably happy one.

Within 3 weeks, Benji was a real member of the family and now he loves his adventures with mom and dad.

Jessica Williams and Benji

It just goes to show that sometimes all a shelter dog needs is a bit of love and affection to turn them into an ordinary happy pup. We’re just so glad the right couple turned up to save the day.

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