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Woman Goes Undercover To Rescue Baby Chimp – Now Grateful Baby Won’t Stop Hugging Her

By - 26th October 2018

When Jenny Desmond, a chimpanzee rescuer, heard that an exotic pet trafficker was trying to sell a baby chimp in Monrovia (the capital of Liberia), she immediately jumped into action.

Jenny worked with local wildlife authorities to rescue the chimp and capture the perpetrator. Jenny Desmond runs Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection (LCRP) with her husband Jim.

Together, they set up a sting operation to lure the trafficker onto her property. She had to document him asking for money so they could get him arrested by the Forestry Development Authority (FDA). This is the government agency that enforces wildlife laws in Liberia.

Jenny Desmond

Before Jenny Desmond had set up the chimpanzee sanctuary, Liberian officials would turn a blind eye to the sale of chimps

This was because the authorities didn’t have anywhere to take the animals following the confiscation. Sadly, because of this, the exotic pet trade has been able to flourish in Liberia.

The Desmonds arrived in Liberia in 2015 and they have rescued over 20 chimps who were being trafficked. They’re were housed in a makeshift sanctuary. By 2017, the Desmonds leased a 100-acre tract of forest land along a local river where they planned to build a proper sanctuary from scratch.

Now, the couple continues to look after and help baby chimpanzees grow and learn independence.

Jenny loves all the chimps they have rescued but a little baby called Ella has captured her heart in particular. Ella’s parents were gone and she was being trafficked, which is how Jenny got her hands on her. Going undercover, she managed to retrieve Ella from her captors and bring her to their sanctuary.

Now, Ella treats Jenny like her mom and the two have an adorable bond together. Watch the video below to see the story of how Jenny came to be Ella’s adoptive mother. Ella can’t stop smiling now she is in a safe, happy environment with her new mom and other chimpanzees.

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