Return to top 68-Year-Old Shocks Judges And Brings Down The House With Epic Performance Of ‘Highway To Hell’

68-Year-Old Shocks Judges And Brings Down The House With Epic Performance Of ‘Highway To Hell’

By - 20th September 2018

Unfortunately, some people are quite ignorant when it comes to ‘old people’. Sure, they may walk a little slower now but that doesn’t mean they haven’t lived a life – that’s something a lot of us forget. Jenny Darren certainly likes to remind kids that age is nothing but a number.

Jenny Darren may look like your typical, sweet lady, but this 68-year-old is anything but. She’s an utter badass!

It turns out that the power of rock and roll never leaves you. Jenny, a retired pensioner from Birmingham who now lives in the Cotswolds in England, has a hidden past.

Jenny Darren is a secret rock and roller who loves a bit of AC/DC. So she decided to share her skills on Britain’s Got Talent.

She appeared, dressed as a sweet elderly woman but just before the song started, she revealed a leather skirt and mesh top underneath – this lady came to slay!

Jenny then erupted into AC/DC’s hit “Highway to Hell” and she brought the roof off the place.

But her stint on Britain’s Got Talent wasn’t Jenny’s first dabble in music. In fact, Jenny has been singing since she was 12 and she’s released four albums. Furthermore, she’s featured a few celebrities on the albums including the Iron Maiden drummer, Nicko McBrian.

In fact, Jenny has one song that got passed on to another musician which then became a huge success.

Jenny released a song called Heartbreaker in 1978. She later gave the song to Pat Benatar which launched her career. Jenny jokes that she will have ‘lost millions’ by this move, but she doesn’t live with any regret. But I do have to admit – her version sounds much better!

Never judge a book by its cover, trust me – people like Jenny will absolutely surprise you. Keep on rocking! People can surprise you at every turn.

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