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Jaden Smith’s Company Brings Clean Water To Flint, Michigan

By - 18th March 2019

The current news is preoccupied with other things, or is for some reason ignoring the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, but you may remember the beginning of the crisis five years ago. It garnered a lot of media attention because residents of the town could only drink bottled water, and only use bottled water to wash themselves and their clothes due to dangerous lead contamination of the water supply.

However, five years later the conditions have not improved, but donations are slowing. It seems like America and the rest of the world are forgetting about Flint’s issues, and the danger this water presents to the people there. The President isn’t interested, nor is the government, but one man is.

20-year-old Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has stepped up to the plate to help the people out. His company, Just Water, is an eco-friendly bottled water company, and he has not only sent pallets of bottles of fresh water to the community, but he has also teamed up with local organisations to set up a “Water Box”.

Jaden Smith provides water for Flint
Image by Pascal Le Segretain (Getty Images)

The Water Box is a water filtration system that will remove the dangerous lead from the water. Residents will be able to use the box once a week to filter as much water as they need.

But why is this necessary? We’re so happy that Jaden Smith has stepped in to help these people, but the crisis began when the local government decided to switch water supplies to save money. The new supply was more corrosive and reacted with the lead pipes it flowed down, making it unsafe for residents.

Jaden Smith provides water for Flint
Image by Sarah Rice (Getty Images)

Yet little has been done to reverse this. The government are slowly replacing the pipes, and suggesting residents drink the brown water, but scientists say that it is dangerous to consume any amount of lead. It shouldn’t be down to individuals to donate their own time and money to the cause, but it’s come to the point where that’s the only option.

Flint residents are thanking Jaden Smith, but what do you think? Is it nice to finally see a celebrity using their fortune for good? Let us know in the comments!