Return to top Woman Spots Old Man Forced To Throw Gift In Trash, But What She Discovers Breaks Her Heart

Woman Spots Old Man Forced To Throw Gift In Trash, But What She Discovers Breaks Her Heart

By - 10th January 2018

When you find the perfect gift for someone, you can’t wait to give it to them. You know how much joy it will bring them and how much happiness it will give you to see them happy. 

Bill and Linda Modry had found the perfect gift for their newly adopted granddaughter and couldn’t wait to give it to her. As they travelled to Ohio to visit her for the first time as their official granddaughter, they carefully carried her special gift in their hand luggage.

The new grandparents had bought a beautiful snow globe, complete with photographs inside of the grandparents and their beloved granddaughter. An inscription on the base said “We love you Katie, Nana and Papa 1/25/16” (the date that her adoption was finalised). It was a perfect gift.

Sadly, when the couple got to the security gate at the airport, they were faced with a problem. Due to the liquid inside the snow globe, they were not allowed to board the flight with the special gift.

Bill pleaded with the security officer for an alternative to leaving the gift behind. “Could I leave it at the airport in the lost and found? It’s a snow globe for my adopted grandchild.” But the officer had no sympathy and instructed him to throw it in the trash can, retorting “Put it in file 13”.

With tears in his eyes, Bill reluctantly dropped the beautiful snow globe in the trash and boarded the flight with a heavy heart.

But luckily for Bill and Linda, a kind samaritan was watching nearby. Amarri Hernandez, who was travelling with her boyfriend, saw the unfortunate exchange and how upset the couple looked. So her boyfriend fished into the garbage can and pulled out the package they had disposed of.

Upon discovering the snow globe, Amarri knew she had to get it back to the couple, however she could. It was too lovely a gift to go to waste.

Taking to Facebook, Amarri posted a plea to the internet to help share the post to reunite the snow globe with its rightful owners. Thinking the post might be shared about 200 times, she was shocked as the numbers rose to over 48,000 shares.

Thanks to the help of social media, the post was seen by the right person. An employee of the company that made the snow globe, ‘Things Remembered’, managed to track down the name of Linda Modry who had purchased it and got in touch.

Amarri was finally able to reunite Bill and Linda with the touching gift they had bought for their granddaughter. The reunion was emotional to say the least. Amarri went above and beyond with her kindness and turned an upsetting experience into one of love and goodwill for Bill and Linda.

Watch the video below to see the story and the emotional reunion for the couple with their special gift. It will restore your faith in humanity!

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