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He Spots Old Man Hunched By His Car, Then Suddenly Realises Whats Really Going On

By - 31st January 2017

We pass by so many things every single day and think to ourselves “Wonder what that was all about?” Luckily Pavel Fesyuk, is not like this, he decided to investigate the curious event he came across. Fesyuk is a mixed martial arts fighter and has also been a contestant on ‘American Ninja Warrior.’ On this day, he wouldn’t need any of those particular skills, just some love and compassion for a fellow human.

Pavel Fesyuk / Twitter

Fesyuk was driving when he spotted a car pulled to the side of the road and a man standing at the back of it.

This man was ‘William Harris’ and more accurately he was actually doubled over in the middle of the street. Fesyuk wasn’t sure what was going but he thought he had a duty to find out if there was anything he could do.

When Fesyuk walked up to Harris, He immediately signalled that he needed help as he was choking.

Fesyuk started out with a few taps on the back, but it was clear pretty quickly that something more aggressive was required.

Fesyuk the shuffled around and got Harris into a position where he could attempt the Heimlich Maneuver.

After two runs though Harris was able to breathe again. This dramatic event was all captured on the Dashcap in Fesyuk’s car.

This video was posted on the ABC News Facebook page, Understandably people were proud of Fesyuk.

Jennifer Guggisberg said:

“This world needs more people like this!! God Bless Him!!”

While Joyce Caro exclaimed:

“God Bless that Good Samaritan. I am proud of him, right there and then, there was no black or white, just being a good person.”

After the man could breathe again, they chatted for a short while before they returned to their respective vehicles. Each heading their separate ways, with their own version of a story about an amazing encounter with a stranger!

What do you think of Fesyuk actions? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. Would you have stopped? or just drove on by?

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