Return to top Paralysed Woman Befriends Injured Magpie That Fell From Nest, Helps Her Believe In Herself Again

Paralysed Woman Befriends Injured Magpie That Fell From Nest, Helps Her Believe In Herself Again

By - 25th June 2018

Most families get pretty similar pets, a dog, a cat, some fish, maybe a budgie or a snake are a bit more on the ‘niche’ side. But how many people do you know have a magpie? Well, Penguin the magpie quite literally landed in the Bloom family’s life.

This unlikely family pet became a social media sensation, not just for being a bizarre and loving pet, but for what Penguin the magpie actually did for the family without realising.

The Bloom family were like any other, Cameron and Sam lived a laidback lifestyle on the northern beaches of Sydney with their 3 kids, Rueben, Noah and Oliver.

Sam and Cameron always wanted to give their 3 boys an adventurous lifestyle, something they’ve always enjoyed. That’s why the family decided to head to Thailand for their first family trip.

On their way to Chiang Mai, the family parked their hire car in a small coastal village on the Gulf of Thailand.

“Thailand was turning out to be the dream family adventure we’d hoped it would be,”

But then everything changed within an instant. While the family enjoyed drinks on the rooftop viewing deck of the hotel they were staying in, Sam suffered a near-fatal fall when the railing she was leaning against gave way.

“Looking down was more terrible than I could have imagined. Sam lay twisted on the tiles twenty feet below,”

Thankfully, Sam had survived the fall. After surgery, she returned home where she spent months undergoing rehabilitation in a spinal ward. Unfortunately, the accident had left her paralysed.

The incident had left Sam in a very dark place. Returning to her family home wasn’t easy for her

“I hated it, I hated every second of it. I just couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t clean the house, couldn’t go shopping, couldn’t do anything I used to be able to do. I felt incredibly useless,”

For a very long time, Sam was unhappy, the family were struggling to support her and she felt like she was useless. “It was almost like you may as well not have been there because you were a waste of space.”

The family were struggling to cope with the tragedy until Penguin the magpie showed up.

Noah had found the bird injured and lying alone in a carpark after she had fallen out of her nest when she was just a chick.

The family took in the injured bird and worked together to nurse her back to health. For the Bloom family, Penguin had come along just at the right time.

“She gave me something to do, something to look after,” Sam claimed.

“They [the boys] loved her. She was so cute … I guess in a way she made us all a little bit happier. She lifted up our spirits a bit more and took the attention away from me.”

Cameron describes the relationship between his wife and the magpie as “part mother and daughter, part nurse and patient”

“It was also two sister spirits, strong yet fragile, united by a single word; up,”

Sam worked hard to rebuild her stamina and strength, throughout the process, Penguin was right by her side.

“She was always hanging out with me, she had an awesome personality,”

The family never wanted to keep the bird caged up inside. As soon as Penguin was well enough, they let her sleep outside in their backyard tree. But she would fly in and out of the house whenever she wanted.

As time went on, Sam regained both her mental and physical strength. She found freedom in herself when she would canoe. Now she competes professionally around the world with full support from her family.

Penguin rebuilt Sam’s confidence and sense of purpose.

For the boys, they had a new best friend to hang out with. Seeing their mom smile again was the best feeling in the world, for the whole family.

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