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Nanny Makes Life Changing Decision When On Morning Walk With 2 y/o Toddler To Avert Disaster.

By - 20th October 2017

When parents hire a nanny they entrust them with the life of their child. This couldn’t be more true for Bill Wolkoff and Courtney Davis when their nanny, Caroline Maurer, nearly gave her life for their son, Fox.


On March 28, at just 2 years old, Fox narrowly missed a brush with death whilst out on a walk with his nanny, Caroline. Strapped safely into his stroller, Fox and Caroline were out on a morning walk when they crossed a road close by to a stop sign.

Caroline assessed the road as safe to cross, but unfortunately fate had a hand to play. A car came speeding around the corner, ignoring the stop sign, and began hurtling towards Caroline and Fox.

The car was driving full-speed straight at the pair and Caroline could see that only one of them could potentially make it out unhurt. With barely moments to spare, Caroline knew that there were only two choices; her or Fox.

Without hesitation, Caroline pushed Fox with all of her strength out of harms way and put her hands out to stop the car from ploughing into her. Sadly there was no time for the car to slow down and it crashed straight into Caroline.

Nanny Caroline, I love you!

Caroline lay injured on the ground as distressed Fox cried out for his beloved nanny. Thankfully, passers by attended to Caroline and comforted young Fox, and she was rushed to hospital.

Miraculously, Fox was safe with only a few scrapes, however Caroline had much severer injuries. Both of her hands, wrists and arms had been seriously injured from the impact and she was covered in bruises all over her body.

She’s family for the rest of our lives.

The sacrifice that Caroline made for the little boy didn’t go unnoticed by Fox’s parents and they have, as a result, started a YouGiving page. The page aims to raise funds for Caroline’s medical expenses and raise awareness of her incredibly brave and selfless act.

Fox’s parents Bill and Courtney couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing gift that their nanny had given them; the gift of saving their child’s life.

If you loved this story as much as we did, then please leave your comments below. We think Caroline’s selfless choice was amazing and we can only hope that we would be as brave in the same situation. 🐝