Return to top Man adopts kitten from animal shelter before fleeing hurricane Irma together.

Man adopts kitten from animal shelter before fleeing hurricane Irma together.

By - 11th September 2017

Shortly before Hurricane Irma arrived in Florida, an incredibly kind-hearted man from Miami went to a local animal shelter and adopted a kitten so they could evacuate the storm together.

If I am going to be evacuating from this hurricane, I might as well do it with a friend.

Just five days ago, Reddit user danknissan turned up at the Humane Society in Miami. He found a little white and ginger kitten waiting patiently in a cage for someone to adopt her.

Her name was Ryder and she’d been in the shelter for two months.

The guy took her out of the facility that day. He promised his new feline friend that he would keep her safe and rescue her from the incoming storm.

The very next day he finished work came home to pick up his new kitten and they set off together to find a safer place to stay.

“(It) was a 3-hour 30-minute trip. She slept for the first three hours but those last 30 minutes is when she got bored and spent it on my lap,” said danknissan.

The pair spent the night at a hotel in Sarasota and the kitten cuddled up to him.

When Hurricane Irma shifted direction towards Tampa, the pair had to leave town to find a safer area up north. The kitten never complained and was thankful to have someone looking after her.

“Now four days later, my kitty is potty trained, eating and drinking well, staying calm in the car during evacuation, and she is so active and loves her toys,” he said. “She has travelled more than 700 miles already.”

The man cannot wait to get back home to Miami and buy his new kitten all kinds of treats to spoil her rotten. “Hopefully Irma passes through fast and causes no harm to anyone.”

What did you think of this mans incredible kindness? Bless him for rescuing his new furry friend from the hurricane. 🐝