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Man Is Sentenced To A Night In Jail, Then The Cell Door Opens And The Judge Walks In

By - 4th May 2018

What do you do when somebody is down on their luck or they’ve made a mistake? Do you throw them a rope or jump right into the hole to keep them company? For one judge, he decided to jump.

A judge in North Carolina felt adamant that he had to hold a man accountable for lying about a urine test. However, there was a very special circumstance for this probation offender which is why the judge decided to do something nobody thought would ever happen.

Judge Lou Olivera was holding court with a man who was caught drink driving. Joe Serna, the man in question wasn’t allowed to drink as part of his probation. When it came to a mandatory urine test, the Joe used somebody else’s urine so they wouldn’t find out he had been drinking.

Judge Lou knew he had to make Joe accountable for his actions so he sentenced Joe to a night in jail.

Judge Lou Olivera and Joe Serna had some things in common

Joe Serna had been a Green Beret Sergeant in the army for more than 18 years service. He did 3 tours of Afghanistan and was issued numerous awards including 2 Purple Hearts. District Court Judge Lou Olivera was also an army veteran who served during the Gulf War.

When Joe was in Afghanistan in 2008, their armoured truck flipped over and landed in a river. The truck filled with water rapidly and unfortunately Joe was the only survivor.

Judge Lou Olivera and Joe Serna

Knowing Joe’s history, Judge Olivera knew that a night confined in a jail cell would be the longest night of Joe’s life. So he decided to do something to help. Judge Lou decided to spend the night with him.

The two shared stories and through conversation. Joe’s life was put into perspective thanks to a judge who gave one man the time to listen to him.

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