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Dogs Cling On To Cage Doors For Dear Life During Hurricane Florence, Then Hero Comes To The Rescue

By - 18th September 2018

While the tragedy and devastation of Hurricane Florence continue to affect the lives of many, volunteers in North Carolina have been on a rescue mission to save those trapped in the floods.

Volunteers managed to save 6 dogs from rising flood waters. These gorgeous pups were barking and standing on their hind legs up against the front of the cage. They knew if they couldn’t escape their cage, they would be done for.

The dogs were found at a property in Leland, North Carolina, where they could have easily drowned.

The owners had abandoned the house and left their animals behind in order to escape Hurricane Florence.

A journalist called Marcus DiPaola posted a video to Twitter along with a tweet explaining what had happened with the dogs:

Rescued six dogs in Leland, NC, after the owner LEFT THEM locked in an outdoor cage that filled with flood water that was rapidly rising. We got them out, but by the time we left, the water was so high that they would have drowned. BRING YOUR PETS WITH YOU! #HurricaneFlorence 

In the footage which we’ve added at the bottom of the article, you can see the dogs whimpering and darting around their cage rapidly as they see a human approach.

Ryan Nichols from Longview, Texas, waded through the water towards the petrified pups to help set them free. As soon as Ryan manages to get the cage open, all the dogs swim out towards the other volunteers.

The North Carolina flood waters have reached 4 feet in height on Sunday and they are continuing to rise. Sadly there have been a number of deaths in the state due to the hurricane and over 26,000 people have had to evacuate their homes.

Thankfully, heroic volunteers like Ryan and his team are doing their best to save anyone (and any animal) they come across.

It’s nice to see that there are people who still care and are doing their best to help others during this difficult time. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who are working hard to help.

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