Return to top Granddaughter Gifts Her Sick and Lonely Grandpa A Cat – Instantly Gives Him A New Lease Of Life.

Granddaughter Gifts Her Sick and Lonely Grandpa A Cat – Instantly Gives Him A New Lease Of Life.

By - 9th October 2017

As you enter your finals years, you can be faced with a lot of things that will start to dampen your mood. Firstly, your body starts to deteriorate. Furthermore; stairs and getting up from a seat become more strenuous. People around you start passing away and loneliness can kick in. Then there’s the fear of becoming obsolete with technology around you, pushing you into a difficult state where you don’t feel like you quite fit in anymore.

But there is a way to keep happiness and order in your life. In fact, scientists have proven that having a pet increases your lifespan by a significant amount.

Caring for an animal gives you purpose again, it helps diminish loneliness and puts you back into a routine of exercise.

At the age of 94, Jiji’s health was declining and the family hadn’t seen him smile for quite some time. He had become grim and sad over the years.

His family wanted to change his life around and give him the spring in his step back. That’s when his granddaughter, Akiko DuPont decided to get him a present.

I got a cat for my sick and grumpy grandpa, and he turned his life around.

Meet Kinako, the ginger cat that changed this elderly Japanese man’s life.

Jiji never skipped a day of work for 64 years until 2009 when he fell ill and was sent to the hospital. “The doctor said he was sick. The once outgoing man gradually lost his interest in life and became grumpier than ever. It was around that time that I brought Kinako to live with us,” Akiko DuPont, Jiji’s granddaughter.

The ginger feline was able to spot Akiko’s grandpa’s pain and gave him some affectionate cuddles and purrs. Though Kinako was shy at first, he bonded with grandpa and would follow him around the house.



An extraordinary friendship gradually grew between the two. Who would have thought that a timid kitten would befriend a grumpy old man!

Kinako gave Jiji a new outlook on life and through her companionship, he helped Jiji get back on his feet. Kinako truly helped Jiji rehabilitate and open his heart. The family believes that Kinako is Jiji’s guardian angel.

Akiko DuPont has been documenting her grandfather’s friendship with the cat through a series of beautiful photographs.


The border between human and animal melts away, just as shy Kinako melted Jiji’s heart.

Animals truly have a powerful effect on humans. Their love is pure and can help people get back to their former selves.

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