Return to top Doctors gave teen with cancer months to live, but discovering this video years later had them all in tears

Doctors gave teen with cancer months to live, but discovering this video years later had them all in tears

By - 2nd August 2017

Most of us in our lifetime will have to overcome some challenges and face some battles, but not many of us will ever face anything as difficult as this young man has been through in his life so far.

Mike Maldonado from North Montana was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 4 but when he was 13, he collapsed at a party and slipped into a coma due to his blood sugar rising too high.

After 3 months in a coma, he finally woke and doctors explained to him that he needed to be active in order to regain some size, so he immediately joined the gym and began to work out.

After a while, Mike gained around 80 pounds and exceeded everyone’s expectations, and in the process found a love for working out. But months later he was hit with a huge bombshell.

He fell sick and was at first diagnosed with pneumonia, but doctors later discovered he had stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma which has spread to numerous other parts of his body. Mike was then given only 2 years to live providing he went through intensive Chemotherapy.

Mike began the therapy but the tumours continued to grow, so the doctors gave him a chance to try a bone marrow transplant, but the donor did not come through. They then decided to try a stem cell transplant.

They said there was a slim chance it would work, but 18 days later his body began to reproduce healthy cells. He was then sent home to celebrate his 20th birthday with his parents, potentially his last.

But still, he didn’t give up, and decided to push himself to the limit and began working out once more. Against all the odds, the cancer eventually disappeared and Mike went into remission.

He overcame all the odds and puts it down to being in the right mind set and never giving up.

“Your mind can overcome any obstacle and your body can overcome anything that you set your mind to” – Mike Maldonado

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