Return to top Chris Pratt Shares 9 Hilarious And Heartfelt Rules Of Life That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day

Chris Pratt Shares 9 Hilarious And Heartfelt Rules Of Life That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day

By - 21st June 2018

Chris Pratt is arguably one of the nicest, coolest and funniest guys in Hollywood right now. He’s inspired a lot of people, but what’s really got a lot of people talking is Chris’ 2018 MTV Movie Awards speech. Chris Pratt’s acceptance speech has resonated with a lot of people.

Sure, Chris Pratt may be a big-time Hollywood actor, but his speech has been catching the attention of millions. Why? It started when he decided to talk about God when collecting an award at the MTV Movie Awards.

Chris Pratt’s acceptance speech has gone viral

It turns out that Pratt isn’t afraid to talk about his relationship with God. So when he accepted his award, he used his moment in the spotlight to share his nine rules of life for the youth of today.

Now, it wasn’t all preaching. Chris used his natural goofball sense of humour and mixed it in with some genuine wisdom he’s learnt along his life.

This down-to-earth man doesn’t let his celebrity-status get in the way of his faith. And in Hollywood, to comfortably talk about Christianity is somewhat of a big deal.

Pratt gave the world some brilliant truth bombs, some funny, some stupidly obvious and some that really resonated with people. It was a pretty spectacular speech.

Chris Pratt's acceptance speech

Before becoming an actor, Chris got caught up in the self-destructive “party” lifestyle, until he found Jesus

Chris accepted MTV’s Generation Award and knew he had the perfect platform to share his story. He also had a few words of wisdom and a lot of laughs as well.

Pratt wanted to share his 9 words of wisdom. They started off quite funny before becoming more inspirational and serious.

“breathe… if you don’t you’ll suffocate,”

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