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Army Vet Leaves Line Of Duty To Attend College, Then He Receives Voicemail Asking Very Important Question

By - 13th July 2018

Army veteran Mike Laureano didn’t stop saving lives when he left the Delaware National Guard. Laureano signed up for ‘Be The Match‘, the national bone marrow donor program.

Then one day, he found out that he had been matched – to a little girl in Utah.

I was going to class, and there was a table set up for Be The Match. I walked by, and they said, ‘Hey come over here,’ so I walked over. They were looking for donors. I knew nothing about the organization prior.’

All it took was a quick cheek swab and Laureano was good to go. He then went back to his class at Wilmington University.

bone marrow donor

The expectation was one out of every four hundred individuals is actually a match. In my mind, I pretty much just thought that if I did happen to match somebody, it was meant to be.

In 2015, he received the call confirming that he was a match. Mike was the perfect match for a little girl who had leukaemia.

Adriana Aviles hadn’t been responding well to the treatment and a bone marrow donation would be her only hope for survival.

Adriana had found the perfect bone marrow donor in Mike

Her mother, Jessica, remembers how scared she was witnessing how poorly her little girl was getting.

It’s just hard because you’re so scared and fearful because it’s your baby.

When Jessica received the call, she was so overwhelmed and thankful. Jessica desperately wanted to meet the man who very kindly saved her baby’s life.

Unfortunately, U.S. laws require that donors and recipients have no communication before the transplant day. During the first year after the transplant, however, it’s possible to send letters and cards back and forth but they must remain anonymous.

After the first year after her transplant was up, both Mike and Adriana agreed to share contact information

I woke up one morning about two years after surgery, I had a Facebook message from Adriana’s mom, ‘You don’t know me but if this is you, I just want to share that this is the little girl you saved two years ago.’ I pushed my wife and said, ‘Look at this!’ I always wanted to meet them.

When the day came to the first meeting, Adriana ran straight towards Mike and gave him the biggest hug. She couldn’t let go and wouldn’t stop crying.

Though she was still only young, Adriana was well aware this man saved her life and she was so thankful.

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