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4-Year-Old Calls Grumpy Stranger ‘Old’ – Floors Mom With His Unexpected Response

By - 3rd July 2018

At a preschool graduation in Augusta, Georgia, the room was full of parents, grandparents and one very special friend named Dan Peterson. Dan is best friends with a little girl named Norah Wood. Tara, Norah’s mother says the two are inseparable.

Sounds cute doesn’t it, but it’s a pretty unlikely friendship. Norah, aged 5 is friends with Dan who is 83. The two became close friends 2 years ago in quite an unlikely place – the grocery store.

“She’s wholly invested in him. She can’t remember her life before him, and I’m not sure that he wants to remember his before her.”

Dan met Norah in 2016, but before he met her, he was severely depressed. His wife had passed away and he was living by himself, with no real purpose or sense of importance.

He was minding his own business, getting on with life while out grocery shopping when a little girl spotted him. Norah reached out her arm from the trolley she was sat in and loudly proclaimed, “Hi old person, it’s my birthday today!

Norah caught the attention of this grumpy looking stranger and then demanded she receives a hug from him. Dan, shocked by the whole interaction gladly obliged.

Norah received the hug she was after then asked her mum to take a picture with her new special friend.

“She zeroed in on him like a missile. His little lip quivered and he was teared up and it was just sweet.”

Dan, still bewildered by what happened was so touched by what Norah requested. Since his wife passed away, he’s felt like he has nobody looking out for him or anybody to talk to.

“I said, ‘You don’t know. This is the first time for quite a while that I’ve been this happy,'”

This encounter took place 2 years ago and Dan Peterson and Norah Wood became firm friends – but has that friendship faded now she’s gotten a little older?

“It’s remarkable, I mean, I think a lot of people thought that it wouldn’t continue, but they’re pure magic.”

Steve Hartman and his team for his “On The Road” segment on CBS Evening News asked Norah why she likes Dan so much. She replied, “He’s sweet. Sweet like a peppermint.”

Norah loves her best bud Dan and she loves giving him hugs and checking in on him. But one hug, in particular, was a little different to the usual. “I couldn’t get her to let go,” said Dan.

The reason for her prolonged hug? Dan didn’t answer the door straight away and Norah was so upset and relieved as she thought he may be hurt. She was just so glad to find him safe and sound.

The family and ‘Mr Dan’ are inseparable and he now spends Thanksgiving with Norah’s family.

I don’t know about you but this has to be one of the sweetest interactions and strongest bonds in the world.

Norah Wood and Dan Peterson certainly are firm friends and the eighty year age difference doesn’t get in the way at all.

Norah has found herself a new family member and best friend, Dan found a guardian angel who pulled him out of a dark place.

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