Return to top 5yo Boy Walks Into Police Station With Sign Around Neck — What It Said left Cops In Tears

5yo Boy Walks Into Police Station With Sign Around Neck — What It Said left Cops In Tears

By - 8th February 2017

The police see a great deal in the space of 24 hours. therefore It takes something completely unique to really catch them off-guard. But that’s exactly what happened to the officers at one Charlotte, North Carolina station last fall. It started like an ordinary day and then became one they would never forget.

On September 20th, 2016, a man named Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by a police officer. The shooting sparked both peaceful protest and violent riots in Charlotte, North Carolina over 2 nights. Multiple police officers and civilians were injured in the unrest.

5-year-old Jayden was listening to the radio in the car with his mum, Deanna Hooker, when he heard about the wounded officers. In the midst of violence and confusion, he decided to respond with what came naturally to him, love!

Young Jayden decided he’d extend some kindness to the Charlotte cops. Mom Deanna tells his story in the following that she had posted to her Facebook wall:

“I wanted to share a little story and shed some love and light on a very tough time for us in Charlotte, NC. Our streets are at war with protests and division has led to destruction and violence in our city.


My son heard helicopters and sirens all night and woke up crying. We decided to send him to school the next day to offer normalcy in a tough time for our city. On the way he heard about police getting injured from protests on the radio. He asked me if he could bring the police doughnuts and give them hugs for all they do.


It is amazing how much children can teach us during times like this.

I respected his wishes and took him to the Charlotte PD where he gave out hugs and doughnuts and told every officer he appreciated all they do to keep us safe. This is love in its purest form and what our world needs right now.”

Many officers took him up on the offer of a free hug, others were moved to tears by the simple gesture of a boy trying to make the world a better place.

Hooker’s actions show us what caring and community is truly all about. Who can we offer a hug or even just a smile to today?

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