Return to top 11 y/o Girl Starts To Sing But When Her Friend Joins In It Suddenly Turns Into An Epic Mash-up.

11 y/o Girl Starts To Sing But When Her Friend Joins In It Suddenly Turns Into An Epic Mash-up.

By - 20th November 2017

11-year-old Jadyn Rylee is a young Youtube star with a growing fanbase and a bright future ahead of her in the music industry. For someone so small, she has a lot of talent! 

In her latest video, she collaborates with friend, and fellow aspiring superstar, Brayden Ryle, and the result is a goosebump-inducing song that could easily be successful in the charts right now. The young pair have bucket loads of talent, advanced beyond their years.

While Jaydn has an impressive Youtube channel featuring numerous covers of popular songs, Brayden is another aspiring artist, multi-talented in singing, rap, dance and playing the piano. They are quite the dream team!

The pair met this past summer and quickly became friends, bonding over their shared passion for singing. As a result, this song was written specially for them to perform together and the result is both amazing, and heartwarming to watch the two friends sit opposite eachother and collaborate.

This song can be heard in many ways but for Jadyn and Brayden it signified the immediate and instantly strong friendship that they developed. Jadyn wears her heart on her sleeve and so its no surprise that she feels right at home singing with a new friend.

The pair of friends are no doubt talented, but their friendship also shines through as they sing as they sing perfectly in synch together. The result of their duet is a beautiful, chilling song that you’ll want to listen to over and over again.

I expect to see big things in the future from them; they clearly have a successful future ahead.

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