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Dog Argues With His Dad Over Food, But His Next Trick Will Have You Howling

By - 30th August 2018

I don’t know how many times I will continue to say this, but we all know that dogs truly are man’s best friend. The friendliness and love we get from our canine companions is spectacular. We love bonding with them, but what if dogs could talk back to us? Our lives would be complete.

For any animal lover, I’m sure you’d love to know what’s going on inside the brains of our favourite pets. We’d get to know exactly what they’d want to eat, where they’d want to go and find out exactly how much they love us. It would be perfection.

Andrew Grantham created this hilarious video where he converses with his dog who loves chatting back to him. The video is incredibly cute and hilarious and has now been seen over 193,000,000 times!

if dogs could talk

That is an insane amount of times a video has been seen. But when you watch the video, you won’t find it hard at all to see why it’s so popular.

One person thought about this a lot and decided to show us what life would be like if dogs could talk.

Whether you love dogs or not, you will certainly be cracking up at this hilarious footage. He managed to capture the dog’s emotions beautifully through some excellent audio dubbing. We just wish it were real! The dog has a great personality.

Whenever we feel down in the dumps, this is the video we go to when we need to cheer ourselves up.

Sure, teasing your dog about food isn’t the kindest, but we know it was all in good jest. This dog is just too expressive to not become an awesome comedy icon!

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