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Elderly Woman Spends Pension On Hunky Butlers To Serve Dinner At Her Care Home

By - 17th October 2018

If you ever start to fear growing old and losing your personality and sense of fun, fear not – these old ladies know how to have a good time. A group of old ladies threw out their ‘innocent old woman’ shtick to get a little raunchy and mischievous. How? They hired some ‘Hunks in Trunks’ to come to their care home.

Residents at the Milton Lodge Care Home in Essex, United Kingdom, wanted to brighten up their day by getting things a little hot under the collar. A group of ladies in the care home kept dropping hints and pleading with managers to grant a ‘cheeky’ wish of theirs.

hunks in trunks

All they wanted was to get some young scantily clad men to come and serve up some grub in the buff. Claire Martin, the activities co-coordinator at Milton Lodge said that one of the residents kept making the same requests. 89-year-old Joan Corp thinks you’re never too old to have fun. That’s why this octogenarian maneater came up with a plan to entertain her fellow ladies.

Whenever you ask Joan what she wants that day she always says ‘a man’. So we weren’t surprised when she wanted it to be her wish. We had a chat here and everyone was really keen to support it.
Joan Corp, the ringleader of the Hunks In Trunks request definitely seemed to enjoy her day, as did all her fellow residents.

Joan kept telling care staff that she wanted ‘a man’ so they ordered her some Hunks in Trunks

Claire did a bit of hunting online and decided to grant the ladies their wish. The randy residents managed to get their three-course meal served up by some butlers in the buff.

We had a look online and found a company called Hunks in Trunks. When they turned up we had to let them know what we wanted them to do. They had a three-course meal with a roast dinner. The ladies’ daughters and granddaughters came. We asked them to do some harmless flirting, it doesn’t matter how old you are, so why not?

It would appear that the men went down a treat with the residents and staff. In fact, the old ladies even invited their daughters and granddaughters to come and enjoy the fun. In fact, 99-year-old Doll Jenkins (the oldest resident at the care home) was so impressed, she’s already requested the lads come back for her 100th birthday.

The ladies were really excited, they had all been giggling and they dressed up.

The hunks in trunks didn’t just bring the ladies food, they also offered some ‘hands-on’ care as an after dinner treat. The men asked the ladies if they would want some relaxation therapy.

They all had a massage, the butlers went around asking the ladies if they wanted a massage and they all said yes.

They didn’t stop laughing the whole night, they absolutely loved it.

Laughter goes a long way, I think this should become a treat in every care home. Just because you get older, doesn’t mean you lose your sense of fun.

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