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Hungry Sea Lion Wanders Into Fish Market To Ask For A Snack

By - 13th July 2019

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a meal? You know, when you’re absolutely ravenous. Can’t think about anything except food. You know you’ve got something in the fridge at home, but you just can’t wait. Whatever your answer is, I bet you’ve not gone as far as this sea lion. Well, maybe you have, but this is pretty far.

This particular sea lion was feeling peckish and more than a little curious. And it just so happened that his adventurous streak came at a time when a fish market was in town. His inquisitive and fearless mind led him straight to the stalls. A fish market! I bet he couldn’t imagine his luck. All his favorite food lined up, ready to be eaten without even having to catch it!

sea lion fish market

The cheeky sea lion wandered up to the men working with the fish. He patiently waited as if queueing up, waddling behind the man until he got his reward. I don’t know how this worker kept his cool, trying to do all his jobs while navigating out of the way of the hulking sea lion.

Of course, this funny interaction drew a small crowd, and thankfully somebody had the forethought to film it, too. Now we can all enjoy the hilarity of this lumbering, but timid sea lion. We think that the fish market now has another loyal customer, although we’re unsure how he paid for his lunch. He better not bring his friends next time, or things could get overrun!

sea lion fish market

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