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Man Is Recording Seagulls When He Unexpectedly Captures Incredible Once In A Lifetime Moment

By - 6th September 2018

Have you ever seen humpback whales feeding? Their mouths could swallow a human whole but it’s fascinating to see. However, for one man, it was somewhat of a terrifying ordeal when a group of whales breached right next to his boat.

humpback whales feeding

Brad Rich was boating just off the coast of Seward, Alaska. It was here where he and his friends noticed some humpback whales in the distance.

Brad then began to film the circling seagulls in the distance to try and get a glimpse of the humpback whales feeding.

He filmed the seagulls waiting for the whales hoping that he’d get to see a breaching whale. Brad got his wish, but he never expected it to happen quite like it did.

Brad Rich got out his camera in the hopes of capturing some humpback whales feeding – and he certainly did!

humpback whales feeding
Brad Rich caught the spectacular moment a large group of humpback whales breached the waters to feed only a few feet away from his boat.

Out of nowhere, a large group of whales emerged from the water, dangerously close to Brad’s boat. You can hear in his voice how excited he was – but also how terrified he was at the same time.

I hear them… HOLY SH*T!

The whales breached in such a fast moment that the waves rocked his boat. It was a truly spectacular sight to behold, that’s for sure. At one point, Brad curses with fright, but it certainly gave us a laugh. Don’t fear though Brad, we would have probably said a lot worse!

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that he managed to catch on camera  – and we’re so glad he did.

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