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Hummingbird Returns To See Its Human Friend Every Year

By - 3rd May 2019

The hummingbird is a beautiful creature. They are tiny and brightly coloured and spend a lot of time flapping about and generally being cute. Michael Cardenaz, on the other hand, seems the exact opposite.

Cardenaz is an imposing guy. He is a huge muscled chap, with a shaved head and arms filled with tattoos. He spent 14 years with the sheriff’s office and has been a member of SWAT teams, before coming to his current job as a Homeland Security agent.


His biggest loves are Harley-Davidson motorcycles and German Shepherds. You get the picture. In fact, you can see the picture right here.

Anyway, Cardenaz was sitting on his porch in Grovetown, Georgia when a hummingbird flitted about his head. Then, it flew down onto his palm. The gentle giant was amazed before he realised that this bird was an old friend.

“I was kind of shocked by it,” he told MNN. “Finally, I’m thinking, ‘Random hummingbirds don’t just land in my hand. This must be one of my rescues. I mean they all look alike.”


We hadn’t mentioned that Cardenaz is also an animal lover and rescues plenty of animals every day. He helps any animals from dogs to cats to, you guessed it, a hummingbird. They often flew around his house in the summer, but this one got hurt.

“He had an injured wing,” Cardenaz said. “I don’t know if he flew into a window or what. But he was outside my home, by the wall, just sort of spinning in a circle. Their wings are almost like plastic, they’re transparent. Several of those had broken. So he couldn’t gain flight.”


The gentle Georgian giant nursed the hummingbird back to health, feeding it plenty of sugar water and being patient with it. The process was long, but eventually, his friend could fly again. But when winter came, it migrated South with the other hummingbirds and Cardenaz assumed he would never see it again.

But, since then, the hummingbird he has affectionately named Buzz has visited him every year. “I’m probably not the guy you would think nurses hummingbirds, but you see them helpless and you want to get them back on their feet.”


Cardenaz just loves all living creatures, from birds to humans. His love extends further than many other people, and this bird has remembered his kindness.

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