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Dog Jumps Into Hot Tub, And 2 Million People Are In Stitches At His Reaction

By - 21st September 2018

We know that dogs have a love-hate relationship with water. Some pups love going for a sea swim whereas others are deathly afraid of the bath. But this hot tub dog really loves relaxing in the warm bubbly water.

While some pups try to avoid water like the plague, this loveable dog loves relaxing like his fellow humans. He certainly isn’t afraid of a bit of water, not by a long shot. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that he loves it!

Somebody managed to capture some hilarious footage of their dog relaxing in their hot tub on a warm summers day. We don’t know why this dog loves the hot tub this much, maybe the bubbles gave him a great back massage.

This hot tub dog is cooler than cool as he chills out in his owner’s jacuzzi

hot tub dog
This hot tub dog can be heard humming away as he relaxes in the bubbling water.

The water jets must have hit the sweet spot because this cool pup doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere else in a hurry. You can hear the pup humming away with glee as he enjoys the bubbly sensation.

It feels weird saying we feel jealous of a dog, but honestly, I think we’re jealous of this dog! Now all I want to do is have a hot tub session to unwind. Where can I get one? And can I get a margarita with it, please!

Do your dogs love water? Are they hot tub fanatics or sea swimmers? Send us your pictures in the comment section.

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