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Dying Horse Collapses And Is Minutes Away From Being Put Down – Then A Miracle Happens

By - 13th August 2018

When Beatrice the horse fell terribly ill and her owners struggled to save her, she was minutes away from being put down. Luckily, she had a stablemate who was determined to get her back on her feet and save her life. This is the moment a horse revives his stablemate, proving that horses have an incredible emotional understanding.

Donald MacIntyre and his wife Jane Lipington own a farm in Langridge, Somerset, in England. They specially breed the rare species of shire horses and they currently have 23. One of which is a 16-year-old mare called Beatrice.

Beatrice had been stablemates with an 11-year-old stallion, named Beau, for years. From the sounds of this story, they had developed quite the friendship in their years sleeping alongside one another.

Beatrice fell dangerously ill recently,  falling to the ground with severe abdominal pain. The longer that she remained on the ground, the greater her risk of dying became. If she stayed grounded for too long, she would go into organ failure.

horse revives his stablemate

Donald, Jane, and four farm workers worked tirelessly to lift her up onto her feet but to no avail. They attempted to lift the one-tonne mare to her feet by using a strap tied to a tractor, but she was too heavy. After six hours of trying, they knew that time was running out.

Beatrice’s blood pressure and heart rate were rising to dangerous levels and so Donald and Jane made the difficult decision to give her a deadline. She would have to be put down.

With 20 minutes to go until the vet would arrive to put Beatrice to sleep, Jane remembered that her stablemate, Beau, needed to be let out. She opened his stable door for him and that’s when the most incredible thing happened.

Horse revives his stablemate in incredibly emotional footage

Beau the horse revives his stablemate, Beatrice.

Beau wandered out of his stable, but instead of trotting outside, he headed straight for Beatrice. Leaning his head over the fence, he began to nudge her. He repeatedly bit Beatrice’s neck and lifted her head up. It was obvious that he knew that she was on borrowed time and needed to get her to stand up if she wanted to survive.

Miraculously, within minutes, Beau had managed to do what the humans couldn’t in six hours. Because of Beau’s help, Beatrice rolled over onto her side and got to her feet.

It is absolutely astonishing. We were prepared to lose her and had arranged for her to be put down but Beau knew what to do. As we were walking her we phoned to cancel her being put down. It was that close. Our vet was astounded. – Jane Lipton
horse revives his stablemate
Beau and Beatrice are the perfect friends.

As a result of Beau’s amazing act, Beatrice has now made a full recovery. Beau showed such an amazing understanding and compassion for his friend and the situation; it is absolutely incredible. I hope he gets as many apples as he wants from now on!

We are used to seeing extraordinary interactions between the horses but we have never witnessed a horse saving another’s life. Beau achieved what six hours of human endeavor with straps and machinery had failed to – he managed to lift Beatrice up off the floor which has allowed her to live on.

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