Return to top Man Posts Photo Of Starving Homeless Man Online, Then Gets Unexpected Call From His Brother

Man Posts Photo Of Starving Homeless Man Online, Then Gets Unexpected Call From His Brother

By - 24th August 2018

Last year, there was an estimated 554,000 homeless people in America. 193,000 of these people were ‘unsheltered’ which means that they were living on the streets with no access to emergency shelters, transitional housing or Safe Havens. It’s hard to think where their families have gone. But at least in this story, we get a happy ending, as one homeless man reunites with his brother thanks to social media.

It seems that every day we see somebody living rough on the streets which is a scary and sad thought. Somebody in desperate need of a few dollars at the side of the road is becoming a ‘normal’ sight which doesn’t seem right.

Johnny Servantez conditioned himself to keep his head down and walk past people panhandling. But then he spotted Johnny Rhoades.

Rhoades was sitting outside a flea market in Indianapolis hoping that somebody would be able to help him. Servantez noticed that Rhoades didn’t look like any other beggar he had seen. Rhoades looked so thin and gaunt; like he had been starving for weeks.

Affected by Rhoades’ physical appearance, Servantez gave the man some money then took a picture of him and posted it online to encourage others to help out.

The picture made the rounds on social media with many people coming to his aid after seeing the image shared online. But there was one person who saw it that Rhoades never expected – the homeless man’s brother.

Homeless man reunites with his brother thanks to a viral photo

Danny Rhoades, Johnny Rhoades’ brother was so shocked when he saw the photograph and recognized him as his long lost brother.

I’m so sick to my stomach right now, I can’t function to know someone is living this way and looks this bad.

Danny hasn’t seen his brother Johnny in over seven years. When their mother died, the two brothers lost contact with each other. After seeing the photo of Johnny, Danny knew he had to help.

Unfortunately, Johnny had moved on to a new location by the time Danny had seen the photograph circulate social media. But kindhearted strangers on the internet were not going to let him lose contact again.

Amy Renae Smith had no knowledge of the family but she wanted to help. So she set up a Facebook page where people could share details in the hopes of finding a family member to help.

After lots of help and a ton of work, Johnny was located and reunited with his brother Danny

Smith later posted to the Facebook page that all was well and the brothers shared a touching reunion. This was truly the happy ending that all involved were hoping for.

He had two meals, a [hot] shower, a pair of clean clothes, a room to himself with quiet, a king size bed, tv w/ cable, fridge, a microwave, Pepsi, & leftovers. He is safe, and resting.

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