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Homeless Man Only Takes $2 From Man Handing Out Free Cash

By - 14th August 2019
homeless social experiment

What would you do if a man was handing out free cash? Take some? What about if he was holding a sign that read, “Take What You Need”? Would you only take what you needed, or would you slip an extra five dollars into your pocket? It’s free, after all! Well, one YouTuber also wondered this, so decided to conduct a social experiment. Loads of people reached out to take his money, but when he came across a homeless man, he was in for a real surprise.

Coby Persin taped around $60 to his jacket and walked around the streets with his sign saying “Take What You Need”. He wanted to see whether people would really take what they needed. However, what he found was incredibly interesting.

homeless social experiment

Most people took around five dollars or so, but one woman was an exception. She grabbing dollar after dollar, so much so that Coby questioned whether she really needed it.

“You have a Louis Vuitton bag, do you really need this?” he asked her.

“Yeah, I have a nail appointment tomorrow,” she responded.

It seems that different people have different definitions of “need”. This woman was clearly very rich, and had money to spend on handbags and nail appointments, but wanted the free money anyway.

homeless social experiment

But, not everyone was so selfish. A homeless man took a measly two dollars from Coby because it was all he needed.

“I’m just trying to get some food,” he told Coby. “Just give whatever you gotta give to other people.”

homeless social experiment

Coby was so impressed by this man’s kindness, generosity, and selflessness that he gave him $60 of his own money to help him out. This repaid the homeless man’s good karma.

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