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Homeless Man Reunites With Daughters After 20 Years Apart

By - 23rd August 2019
homeless man reunited

Imagine how heartbreaking it must be to be away from your kids for any long period of time. If you’re working away for a month or so, or going through a rough divorce. It must be really hard. But, that’s exactly what happened to New Jersey man Jose Lopez. After a hard divorce left him a homeless man in Florida, he all but gave up hope on seeing his daughters again.

It took a series of strokes for Jose to realise the importance of family, and try to get in contact with his daughters again. But he didn’t know how to do that. And, as a homeless man, he had no means. So, he saved enough money to get the train and went to New Jersey.

homeless man reunited

Upon arrival, he had no idea what to do. That’s when a kind New Jersey transit officer gave him a helping hand. Crisis outreach officer Sean Pfeifer, in particular, helped him out.

“Mr Lopez was intent on finding his family,” said Sean. “And I wanted to make sure I was there to help him with doing that.”

It had been 20 years since he had last had contact with his daughters, and the trip to New Jersey overwhelmed him. But kind Sean called dozens of people to help him out.

“I was actually in a parking lot,” said Angela Viviani, one of Jose’s daughters. “And I checked my voicemail, and I was like, ‘Is this a scam or something?'”

It was no scam, and Sean helped Jose, an unassuming homeless man from Florida, to reconnect with his precious daughters. He even helped Jose clean up for the meeting, and caught it on camera so they can preserve their happy memories.

homeless man reunited

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