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Homeless Dog Hides In The Woods, When She Realises She’s Safe She Reveals The Secret She’s Been Hiding

By - 17th May 2018

We’ve all heard stories about dog’s unwavering loyalty as they protect humans who are lost and injured. But in this story, a dog was protecting a different sort of friend, leaving rescuers surprised when the German Shepherd reveals her secret.

In Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas, a German Shepherd dog had been noticed wandering around for a few weeks. The dog was always alone and so a local animal rescue was contacted. When Judy Obregon of animal rescue, The Abandoned Ones, arrived she had a hard job on her hands.

The area is known for being a ‘dumping ground’ for abandoned pets and Judy has rescued hundreds of scared and abused dogs in her time.

german shepherd reveals her secret

The dog was hesitant to approach her and so began a period of trying to win the dog’s trust. Patience was the key in this situation. If the dog saw her truck, it would run away, so every day she would return to feed the dog.

One morning, when she arrived, the dog was already waiting for her. That’s when she knew that they were close to rescuing her. The dog now felt comfortable with Judy and understood that she was there to help. But the dog had a secret that she had been hiding this entire time.

German Shepherd reveals her secret

german shepherd reveals her secret

Just as Judy thought she had gained the dog’s trust, it turned around and walked back into the forest. However, it soon emerged again, but this time with a friend. A scared pitbull emerged from the forest with scars on its face.

As the two dogs approached Judy, it became clear that the German Shepherd had been so cautious about trusting her as she was protecting her friend. Now she trusted Judy to take care of both her and her friend.

german shepherd reveals her secret

She made it a point: If you take me, you take my friend, too!

While they didn’t know how the dogs had met or how the pit bull had got his scars, what they did know was that the two dogs were loyal protectors of each other. Judy took the canine friends to the animal shelter with her and they never left each other’s side the whole time.

The cute pair were given names of their own upon arrival at the shelter – Iris the German Shepherd and Clover the pit bull. After both being checked over by a vet neither were found to have heartworm. So now the shelter is looking for an appropriate foster home that will take both best friends in.

Iris and Clover are visibly happier already and Clover’s scars have almost healed. Hopefully, the loyal friends will find a happy home to take them both in, but until then they are content at the shelter, playing with each other and getting to know the other dogs.

german shepherd reveals her secret

I said the same thing to her every day for her to know my voice and trust that one day her life would change. It’s all so rewarding when we can change the fear they have into a smile.

We hope that Iris and Clover find a loving forever home to take them both in. Their beautiful friendship is truly one of a kind. Share this adorable story with your friends to brighten their day. We love hearing your thoughts at Happiest, so be sure to leave your comments in the section below. ?