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Special Needs Girl Is Crowned Homecoming Queen, Then King Rips Off His Crown And Storms Into Crowd

By - 23rd October 2018

Homecoming is one of those celebrations in your high school years that allows you to dress up and celebrate your academic achievements with your friends and peers. But there’s one ‘ honor’ of the night that a lot of people secretly dream about and that is becoming homecoming king or homecoming queen.

As schoolyard cliques would have you believe, it’s always the jock and the cheerleader who become homecoming royalty. But at Douglas County High School, a very different story was to be told.

The newly appointed homecoming king removed his sash and took off his crown. Baffled, the rest of the school didn’t know what he was doing – and then it all became very clear.

Brad Cooley had been crowned his school’s prom king alongside 17-year-old prom queen Meghan. Meghan suffers from a form of cerebral palsy that prevents her from being able to speak on her own.

homecoming king

Meghan took her best friend Ian to the homecoming dance. Ian has down syndrome and the two have been inseparable since the moment they met 12 years ago.

As soon as Cooley was crowned, he knew there was somebody he would rather see as the prom king – Ian.

Something didn’t feel right to me, it didn’t feel like I was the one who was supposed to have it. There was just something in me that was like, I just felt like it would be better deserved for someone else.

Brad handed over his crown and sash to Ian. Everybody in the room was touched by Brad’s kindness and you could see from Ian’s big smile how much it meant to him. Meghan’s mom said:

It was amazing to have just the sweetness of sharing that moment, it was really amazing.

Ian’s father Jim was also moved by the touching act of kindness. “It was really overwhelming. So it is a very, very special, it was a special night and a special memory and we’re going to hold on to that one.”

Sadly, Ian’s mother had passed away just two months before the party took place. She had unfortunately lost her battle with cancer. The family was still grieving the loss, which is what touched Jim’s heart more about Brad’s kind gesture.

She was my hero before she was diagnosed. Yeah she was, yep. She was and she still is and our hope now is that with the help of a whole team of other people the work that she did and just make the world a better place not just for Ian, but for everybody.

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