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Nobody Wants Cat With Permanent Wink, Until Stranger Shows Him The Kindness He Deserves

By - 20th April 2018

A little ginger stray cat came to a shelter in Seville, Ohio in desperate need of a new home. Thankfully, it didn’t take staff too long to learn how truly special he was.

Meet Hogan the cat

Hogan was born with birth defects that left him with a permanent “wink” in his left eye and a very tiny nose. But that didn’t make him any less adorable!

In fact, it didn’t take Hogan long to start bonding with the staff at the Medina County SPCA. From the moment he walked in, he was begging for their attention and staff couldn’t help but oblige.

Without any intention of adopting a pet, Amber Milliren stumbled across a post about Hogan.

Hogan the cat

“For the next few days, I couldn’t get it out of my mind so I called the shelter”

Hogan had been at the shelter for nearly a month. “They were shocked that no one had shown interest in him since he was so cute and sweet.”

Amber went to visit Hogan to see if he’d be the right cat for her. The second she entered the room, Hogan ran towards her immediately.

“He was the first cat to come right up to me and start rubbing on me. He even gave me some kisses and didn’t seem to want to leave my side,”

Hogan the cat

No matter where Amber went, Hogan followed her everywhere around the shelter – she’d found her new feline friend. “Hogan has picked someone to be his new mommy.”

Hogan started settling in straight away

She took him home the very same day and the little ginger kitty settled in almost immediately. Even Amber’s pet Yorkie, Gigi, bonded with Hogan.

Both animals were rescued around the same time so Gigi naturally took on the role as Hogan’s big sister.

“Since his nose is a little pushed in, he sneezes sometimes and it can be a little hard to breathe. He just requires a little special attention.”

We’re just so happy that Hogan the cat has found a forever home with Amber and Gigi. Who wouldn’t love a cat like Hogan? He’s a real handsome devil.

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