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Hero Pit Bull Saves 7-Month-Old Baby From House Fire

By - 15th March 2019

Pit bulls get a bad reputation. It’s true that sometimes they are bred for fighting, and that they are strong dogs. But this is the fault of the owner rather than the dog or the breed. Many people mistake pit bulls’ excitement for aggression, where in smaller dogs they would find it cute. This story proves that pit bulls have a good nature.

Latana Chai heard her pit bull barking excessively at the back door of their apartment at nearly midnight one night. This was unusual for the 8-month-old puppy, who was usually very mild mannered and chilled out.

Chai knew something was wrong. She opened the back door to see smoke billowing from her neighbour’s house and a fire that was quickly spreading to her apartment. Sadly her apartment couldn’t be saved, but thanks to this good dog, the lives of those inside were spared.

pit bull saves family from fire

However, when she ran back in to grab her seven-month-old baby, Sasha the pit bull was already dragging the child out of the house by her diaper.

The heroic pit bull saved the lives of this family, even if she was unable to save their home.

Chai said “I feel so blessed to have her in my life. If she hadn’t been there, I probably would have been asleep, and we would not have known anything.

“She was grabbing [baby Masailah] by the diaper and pulling her off the bed.

pit bull saves family from fire

“Sasha saved everybody,” Chai told KTXL, “Because if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think that any of us in this complex would have known anything.”

Unfortunately, the Chai family are now homeless but thankful for their lives.

This good girl saved many lives that day. Has this story changed your opinion about pit bulls? What do you think of Sasha’s heroic actions? Let us know in the comments below, and share with your friends and family if you like the video!